A pool of independent sales experts is ready to sell for you and exceed your targets!

Our Offer

We, at Sales Origins, connect companies with talented sales freelancers to help generate revenue and reach targets.

We have built a dynamic pool of highly qualified sales experts, with a strict criteria to ensure strong motivation and experience. 

Our Pillars

Well Selected Team

We have a highly selective recruitment process with personal interviews, recommendations, top ranking academic and professional background.


Our offer is tailored to the specific needs and constraints of each client. The team size can be adapted from one consultant or more. The duration of our contract can vary depending on your requirements. 


No monthly fixed fees, we work based on commissions. 

How does it work?

On your mark...

A defined ​mission: focused on the client's needs, available sales materials and the reward.

Get set...

Matching supply and demand: Identification of the most suitable profiles for the mission and connecting both parties.


Contractual agreements: formalise agreements through a contract between the client and Sales Origins and the mission can start!